We are pleased to announce that Esri UK is establishing a new scholarship programme to encourage and support Black African, Caribbean, Black or mixed Black heritage students in the study of geography and geoscience.

Black and mixed Black heritage students are significantly underrepresented within the fields of geography and geoscience.

The scholarships will:

  • help to promote geography and geoscience as a positive life choice for students
  • provide financial and other support for students throughout their studies
  • increase the number of Black and mixed Black heritage students studying and working within the disciplines

What are we funding?

There will be two awards made every academic year:

  1. Undergraduate Award of £30,000 to study geography or geoscience (£10,000/yr). The award can be spent on fees or maintenance.
  2. Masters Award of £20,000 (full time 1 year masters) to study within the disciplines of geography or geoscience.

Eligibility criteria​

To be considered for the undergraduate award, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

1. You have Black or mixed Black heritage

2. You have an offer to from a UK university, starting in September 2022, to study:

- An undergraduate degree in geography or related geoscience

- A Master’s degree in GIS or a course with a significant component of GIS

Unsure whether or not your subject is eligible for The Geospatial Scholarship Fund? Email: scholarships@esriuk.com

You meet at least one of the following:

1. Qualified for free school meals

2. You are a young carer

3. You are a Looked After Child

4. Your household income is assessed as £23,999 or less. Applicants with a household income of between £24,000 and £33,900 may also apply

You can demonstrate how and why the scholarship will enable you to fulfil your educational and professional ambitions.